This page contains most of the work I published over the past years. If not stated otherwise, these are spare-time projects I've created for educational purposes or just for fun.

Contact me either via one of the social channels above or via email: contact [at] adversec [doct] com.


Projects I'm working on from time to time:


Tools that I have created and still maintain. They are either updated sporadically or might still be useful as they are (without further modifications):


Public presentations that I gave over the last years:


Publications I have written or contributed to:


Various public security advisories for random stuff I've found:


Fun little side projects that came up at some point:

Archived Projects/Tools

These projects/tools are not actively developed anymore. However, I left them here for reference, and maybe they will be useful for someone at some point. Feel free to open issues or send pull requests in any of these repositories, but expect delayed responses.